In today’s economic environment, companies are running lean with minimal staff to manage the challenges of the day to day operations. When a special project or critical issue arises there is no one with experience or adequate time to take on another project to resolve the crisis.

First Dynamic is the concierge to businesses. We provide experienced professionals in a variety of specialized services. We can provide assistance to you and your team or we can perform all the services from start to finish.

Every company is different and we listen and tailor our process to meet your needs.

Start Up’s — Starting a business on the right foot and setting the right direction is not easy. We have started over 25 businesses.

Business Plans — A blue print and road map of a business organization. We prepare Business Plans and Strategic Plans.

Financials, Budgets, Models and Cash Flow — Financials are the report card of the company. Cash Flow is it’s life. Budgets, models and projects are tools to monitor and see the future. When designed effectively as a tool they enable management the ability to make decisions that allow the company to exceed it’s goals. We can help.

Request for Proposals (RFP’s) — Enable companies to know if they are getting the most out of their vendors.

Real Estate Lease Re-Negotiations — Rent expense, in most companies, is one of the largest “Fixed” expenses and is one of the largest long term liability in a company. Reducing this cost can be significant. We have been involved in over 880 leases.

Alliances — One of the most cost effective ways to improve a companies performance. Large corporations do it and so can you.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence — We have worked with buyers and sellers and performed due diligence. We have been involved from the initial plan to closing the transaction and on to integrating the companies to profitability.