Forming an Alliance with an other company is when two companies are strong in their own markets and the culture between the companies allows them to work together for the common good by sharing their strengths to the benefit of the other.

For example, a company located only on the east coast, selling paper and a company only on the west coast, selling ink. These companies share the same market customer, retail office supply stores. Both east and west coast sales forces can sell paper and ink to their customers and share commissions and reduce the over all selling costs to maintain those markets.

Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, PHH, Reynolds, General Electric are just a few of the many companies that form successful Alliances.

Forming Alliances is a great effective way of growing a business to the next level at substantially less cost and risk than if one company acquired the other. Alliances can be formed not only with sales forces but with technology such as software and many other business functions.

First Dynamic has experience in forming successful Alliances.

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