Budgets, Financials, Models, & Cash Flows

Financials are the basic report card of a company. However, financials with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) become tools to enable management to make decisions.

Budgets, Financial Models and Cash Flows are more accurate and used more effectively if they are developed after a company prepares a Business Plan or Strategic Plan (See “Business Plan Development”)

Lack of Cash Flow is life threatening to a business. Projecting Cash Flow through periodic (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) reports is vital to a business and should be a daily routine. We can put together projections and processes to help you manage your company’s Cash Flow.

Having Financial Models that also include Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) provide insight into projecting the companies financial condition. This enables the company to accurately monitor it’s actual performance against plan (when accompanied with accurate and timely financials) against its Financial Model and Budget. This monitoring will help management be proactive and determine areas to focus its resources and adjust its performance. Select “Articles and Tools “ button for a summary list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Financial Models should not only project an Income Statement by period (month, quarter, year and future years) but project Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Ratios and 3rd party Covenants (from Investors, Bank or Surety) for each period.

Having good Financial Models to work with improves the accuracy of a company’s budget and enables management to perform various “what if” scenarios to determine the right course of action.

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