Commercial & Industrial Lease Re-Negotiating

Rent Expense, in most companies, is one of the single largest “fixed” expense and in many cases is the largest long term liability to a company. Reducing this expense can be significant.

When your company first dealt with your Landlord it was on the premise that you wanted to occupy a facility and your Landlord wanted to lease it. This would be considered a “win win” situation.

If you used a leasing broker, in most cases, that broker had a relationship with the Landlord as his agent he was paid a commission from the landlord.

In Today’s Economic Environment –

If you thought your “win win” situation of initially leasing space from your Landlord didn’t go as well as planned and you didn’t get everything you asked for, how well do you think re-negotiating your lease will be when he doesn’t want to reduce your Rent Expense and your broker who received a commission from the Landlord is representing you.

First Dynamic has the experience to analyze your companies financial condition and then to approach your Landlord, not as his agent but as a consultant of your company, to negotiate for a cost reduction or termination of your lease.

First Dynamic has been involved in over 880 commercial and industrial leases as a tenant, landlord, subtenant, real estate developer and property manager. We have seen all sides of the transactions but we only represent you as your business consultant.

We can also review your operation to find other areas to reduce costs, improve quality and service and to improve profits and cash flow.