Mergers, Acquisitions, & Due Diligence

First Dynamic has experiences in Mergers, Acquisitions (M&A) and in performing Due Diligence.

We recommend before going down this path as a buyer or seller that we evaluate your companies goals and objectives and your exit/entry strategy before embarking on such an adventure.

First Dynamic has successful experience in M&A. Taking on a M&A is not for everyone or every company. There are high risks involved, use of a significant amount of the company resources both in hours, human resources and substantial financial costs.

First Dynamic has been involved from the start with pre-acquisition planning, identifying potential buyers, putting together the team of professionals, involved in the direct negotiations, forming the terms and conditions, financing, performing due diligence, signing of final documents, preparing the administrative merging of the business personnel, operations, sales, finance, systems and training just to name a few.

First Dynamic does not consider the signing of documents as the sign of a successful M&A. That is only the beginning, it’s when the companies come together and produce profits that a M&A is successful.

Let First Dynamic help you pre-plan a successful M&A.