Request for Proposals (RFP’s)

A successful company is always looking for ways to reduce costs. One way to keep your vendors competitive in price and service is to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP’s) for your major vendors and suppliers.

Many businesses don’t know if they are getting the best price and service from their vendors. If you are not getting the “competitive edge”, chances are your competitors are taking advantage of this situation. Your competitors may have higher profits and potentially better cash flow or they may take advantage of lowering their prices to lure your customers.

We can prepare a comprehensive Request for Proposal that takes into account price, performance, quality, stability and security etc. to meet your current and future business needs and provide a resource for alternate vendors and services.

Consider preparing a Request for Proposals to banks, insurance brokers, CPA firms, attorneys, real estate brokers and other vendors and main suppliers.

We can also review your operation to find other areas to reduce costs, improve quality and service to your customers.

Let First Dynamic Business Solutions help you take the steps that will lead your company to the next level.