Start-Up Companies

 Businesses get more complicated every day and face new mine fields to derail a successful operation.

Starting a business on the right foot and setting the right direction is not easy, especially on your own or with limited resources. First Dynamic can help.

We have experience in starting over 25 privately held, entrepreneur businesses from inception, as an idea, to a successful operation and we didn’t stop there. We managed businesses through various other economic down turns and recoveries. We followed through to a projects completion. We’ve been there not just in the booming eras but when it really mattered the most to survive.

Start up companies include —

  • 3 title companies in 2 states, with one title company having escrow and loan servicing operations in 10 locations
  • Independent escrow operation with 9 branches
  • REO company of commercial & residential properties
  • Commercial and industrial real estate development company
  • Property management
  • 3 Software companies
  • Plus 15 other start up companies